Benefits of Having a Facial


FacialThroughout each day, your body is re-growing and regenerating new skin cells. The old skin cells left behind can clog your pores and leave your skin looking dull and unhealthy. A good skin care regimen is vital to cleaning your skin daily and sloughing off those dead skin cells.

Having a facial can be a beneficial part of your healthy skin care regimen. Here’s why:

Deep Cleaning

While having a daily skin care regimen at home is important, having a facial provides you with one of the best benefits of all – having the deepest pore cleaning possible.
Deep cleaning of the pores of your skin gently and confidently pulls out the dead skin cells, lotions, makeup, and air pollutants, giving you skin that is more healthy and radiant than before.

Complete Skin Care

The skin on your face is unique in its cellular structure. Cells in the skin on your face are more sensitive than the skin on the rest of your body and there are even areas on your face where skin is different. For instance, the skin around your eyes is more delicate than the skin on your forehead.

We all experience exposure to sun to some degree each day, whether we are out in the sun playing sports or just going about our daily routine, sun exposure is a way of life. And we’ve all heard about the dangers of sun exposure. Having a facial from a professional skincare consultant trained in advanced skincare needs provides you with the finest skin care available.

Having a professional facial on any part of your body allows you to benefit from the knowledge and skills of your highly trained skincare consultant. Your skincare professional is trained to identify your skin type and your particular skin care needs. And having a professional facial allows you the benefit of addressing skincare issues that are specific to your skin, such as blemishes, spots, or changes in skin tone.


Having a facial – whether on your face, chest, back, arms or legs – allows you the benefits of relaxing while your skin is gently and deeply cleaned. The massaging touch that comes with a facial carries you into a calm and quieter place of rest and relaxation.

The facial massage also increases circulation in your skin cells, which in turn increases the level of nutrients in your skin, which feed and nourish your skin and give your it a warm and healthy glow.

For some, the benefits of having a facial may be the deep cleaning and consulting with a skin care professional on individual skin care issues. For others, the benefits of having a facial may have more to do with taking time out of your busy life to do something special and beneficial for yourself. Either way, having a facial provides you with all the best benefits possible.