Laser Hair Removal and Hair Growth


Many people are tired of their hair growth on their bodies. It becomes a burden to constantly shave or frequently wax away unwanted growth. For this reason many people have decided to go with laser hair removal instead of wasting time shaving and waxing.

How Many Treatments Do I Need?

Many people have to go through a number of sessions when they get laser hair removal. While the use of the laser slows down and eventually prevents growth it takes a few times for its full effects to sink in. It is suggested that you wait roughly 4 to 6 weeks before getting your next treatment done. You need to give the follicles time to react to the treatment and then begin to activate again, if they even do so. Speaking with whoever is providing you with laser hair removal will give you all the information you need.

It is important to understand that even though hair may not be visible, there is still growth occurring. The follicle itself may still be producing hair which is why multiple sessions of laser hair removal are necessary. The number of sessions can vary, but each time the hair grows back (if it grows back) it will be lighter and thinner.